Persuasive Essay On Drug Testing

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of needing government aid (Player 2014). The fourth amendment of the Constitution states that there is no legal search without prior suspicion. Forcing drug tests without first evidence of necessity, some would argue infringes on these individuals’ rights. Abuse of the system unfortunately occurs very often. People who use the money they receive on things not necessary for their families constitutes as abusing their aid. Lawmakers and the public alike state that drug testing might be beneficial to prevent tax money from being funneled into illegal activity it does not guarantee that these people will not spend their money on other legal recreational activities and substances. Finally, lawmakers have yet to determine what the restriction and punishments should be for those who can not or have not passed their drug tests. The degree of punishment that would be indicative of a possible rehabilitation of the individual without also punishing the children of that home (Pollack,2006). Each of these reasons is a primary cause of the controversy that have prevented most states from enforcing drug testing before receiving benefits. However, states such as Florida and Georgia have recently passed their own drug testing program for their welfare recipients, with the hope that the benefits of these tests will outweigh the consequences (McCarty,2012). With the welfare reform in 1996, federal government allowed state and local government to determine the degree of requirements they
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