Persuasive Essay On Drug Testing In Schools

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Introduction draft
Hi I am Jaimee Burke and these are my partners Bryn Grant and Maddy Wright. Random drug testing needs to be required in every school system in America. Do you want your kids doing drugs on a school campus and getting caught but you can 't prove it? Of course not if your kids or friend is accused by this big statement of doing drugs you want the facts that they have. Drug testing proves if a teen is doing drugs or has done them in the past. One good reason is the school has the resources to put you into a program to help before you get addicted, It is also easier way to deal with families and gossip throughout the school. Another reason is that it is easier to get caught by the school then by your parents because it is unexpected and accurate. Another reason is the 4th amendment states “unreasonable searches¨ But this one is very reasonable. Our last reason is that is stops and helps peer pressure go away. Many schools have been on and off about the idea of drug testing but when they do drug tests the number of drug users dropped. For example Ridgefield High School does not drug test and their use of drugs is pretty high. Many kids are on sports teams their and they do drugs. I think if drug testing was added to the school the number of drug users could drop significantly. I have a sibling in the high school and I know many stories of kids on the campus, at parties, in town and ext. Doing drugs. I have even heard stories about nearby towns losing kids to
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