Student Drug Testing Research Paper

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7.2% of 8th graders, 17.6% 10th Graders and 22.6% of 12th graders have used marijuana. Student drug use is a big problem, but is it worth the random drug tests. tHere are many different opinions on this topic, but they may not know all the facts. There are good and bad parts to random drug testing students. There are a few laws in place and some cases have been filed. Are the random drug tests worth all the court cases, money spent and constant criticism from parents worth it though? There isn 't much background to student drug testing but there are a few things on the subject “At the beginning of every school year student are given a locker to use. This does not grant them total ownership. Students are allowed to keep their personal belongings…show more content…
but there still are laws.“June 2002 U.S supreme court made it legal to test for drugs for students in any extracurricular activity. Not only for Athletes.” “A school or school district that is interested in adopting a student drug testing program should seek legal expertise so that it complies with all federal, state, and local laws” There are no laws regarding how drug tests are managed in Kansas. “There are no Kansas state laws protecting Students who test positive for drugs or Alcohol.” “The indiana supreme court ruled that drug testing of students did not violate the search and seizure law of the state constitution or the privleges and immraties.” There is no law in missouri on drug testing meaning it can be accepted by the school as long as it does not violate anything. Some of those rights could be discriminating people with disabilities or people taking prescription medication. Another illegal way would be if the tester singled out groups of people for a discriminative, racist or other reason. One of the other ways is if the one being tested has a legitimate excuse for the testing to be an invasion of privacy. Texas, New Jersey and Illinois are ready to have a drug free testing school district.-New York Times There are many positives to drug testing for one “It promotes a feeling of safety” for students and parents about going to school. By applying drug test people will think students are safer as illegal use of drugs will be discouraged and monitored. Drug testing being discouraged will no longer affect students in any way that it will create problems. Safety is valued from parents and school admittistraiters, it helps assure them. “This feeling of safety is believed to be what parents need to willingly send their children to school”
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