Persuasive Essay On Drug Trafficking

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“ We have not yet won the battle against drug trafficking.”
The global drug trade propagated an estimated US$321.6 billion in 2003. As the world GDP was US$36 trillion in the same year, the illegimate drug trade can be estimated as nearly 1% of the entire global trade. Consumption of illegal drugs is prevalent globaly. According to a report published by United Nations Research Institute for Social Development in 1994, most of these illicit drugs are being produced in the third world countries and then are being traded to the more affluent and developed nations. Therefore, drug trafficking provides a way to earn easy money for the section of population belonging to the lowest stratum of the socio economic strata.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland believes that the root cause of amplification of drug trafficking (especially in the U.K) is mental health problems of the young adults. Some of them use drugs as they cannot handle reality, it acts as a flimsy veil to dissapear into, as a mirage that sets one falling into blank spaces, thereby helping them escape their problems. Today 's teenager is tommorows potential customer. It has
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Strategies in Northern Ireland and Wales address illicit drugs as well as alcohol. Each of the countries in UK have their own
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