Persuasive Essay On Drug War

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I will admit, this year’s presidential election will be one for the books. From email scandals to failure to pay federal taxes for almost two decades, Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has had me and many Americans in quite a shock, creating a gossip worthy presidential election like no one has ever seen in American history. For me, this election has been a mix of laughter and fear. The shots that Clinton and Trump have taken at each other have been hysterical, especially during the first presidential debate. It’s all fun and games until reality hits me and I have to remind myself “these are your choices for presidents, stupid.” At the end of the day, one of these individuals will be my president and by this being my…show more content…
She wants to decrease mass incarceration of drug offenders by opening more rehabilitation centers and guaranteeing each individual to the proper care they need. I have a family filled with drug users because of the gruesome drug epidemic in the city and it hurts to seem them become apart of the statistics of the drug war. But what stood out to me in her plan to tackle the drug war was the establishment of a prescription drug monitoring program that drug prescribers have to go through before prescribing patients drugs. Why haven’t this plan been in place? Why haven’t a single soul thought of this a long time ago? I think it’s genius mainly because I feel like doctors in hospitals and drug programs definitely contributes to the drug war in America. I’ve recently went with my mom to a few emergency room visits. And never in my life have I seen so many highly addictive drugs being given out to patients in all my life. Even my mom hasn’t seen anything like it. My mom was in the emergency room and while she was there, she developed a headache. Now you would think they would give her a basic painkiller like an ibuprofen or something. Instead, the doctors offered her a Tylenol with Codeine in it. When I tell you my mom was so heated by what they did, I thought she was about to hop out the bed and run out the hospital entrance. I understood why she felt that way and why I feel Clinton is the best candidate for
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