Dry Dog Food Research Paper

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If you’ve ever wandered down the pet food isle of your local big-box pet store, you’ll quickly come to discover that there are tons of dog food brands and varieties. But the one thing you won’t know is if those brands actually contain the proper nutrients you need to keep your dog healthy, strong and by your side for years to come. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best dry dog food brands for puppies or the best dry dog food for price. The most important brand of dog food is – You!
Sadly, many people trust whatever the dog food company slaps on the side of the bag. They reason that if they see real food like vegetables, chicken, milk and salmon on the outside, that must be what’s on the inside.
That’s not the case. It is, however, a clever marketing gig that these companies employ regularly. But a healthy and nutritious meal for your pooch? That’s quite another story.
The only way you can fully guarantee that you have chosen the best dry dog food is to simply make it yourself. Yes, you – a complete newbie can start using the ingredients you have
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Why? First, because you want to have a lean and healthy dog. Providing the wrong type of carbohydrates in excess is not going to do your canine much good nutritionally. Second, many dogs have difficulty digesting them. A digestive system in a dog is much different than in people. Dogs have “simple” digestive systems meaning that their digestive tracks don’t break down and fully digest food like ours. Ideally, you want to ensure that the food you provide for your pooch is natural and wholesome for this reason alone. And third, carbohydrates cause many more problems in dogs that they are worth. For example, millions of dogs suffer skin and food allergies every year due to the processed carbs found in commercial dog food and labeled as fillers which then of course can lead to more serious problems such as obesity and

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