Persuasive Essay On Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is commonly thought of as a learning disability. People think they cannot read or they are unintelligent and will not amount to anything. However, many successful people have dyslexia, Charles Schwab, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein just to name a few (, Buchanan). Most people would think these people had to overcome dyslexia to become successful but many would argue that they are successful because they have dyslexia. Though many people see dyslexia as a disability, the condition is actually beneficial. Dyslexia can make school in the early years hard. Dyslexics are not good at reading, spelling, and long division. In addition, repetitive tasks are hard for people with dyslexia (Buchanan). In general the way things are taught in Elementary school makes it hard for dyslexics to learn because dyslexics have a different way of learning. Fernette Eide, writer of The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain, said “there’s a real clash between what they can really do well at this makes it very hard for them to thrive in the…show more content…
Fernette Eide says, “It’s a huge mistake to regard a dyslexic child as if his or her brain is trying to follow the same pathway of development as all the other kids but is simply doing a bad job of it”(Eide, Wired Interview, 3). Dyslexics see the big picture and they are not as good at seeing the fine details. According to scientific studies, “reading changes the structure of the brain”(Schneps, 2). Scientists found that once people learn to read, they lose their ability to see the big picture and got better at seeing fine detail. For example, their ability to tell whether two things are mirror images of each other was lost. Differences between people with dyslexia and people without dyslexia goes beyond seeing. People with dyslexia have a different approach to problem solving and this has it’s
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