School Starting Times

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Has this ever happened to you?. It’s a quarter till 12 and its a School night and you’re just finishing the last math problem. Your dreading the fact that you have to get up in less than 8 hours. Then your not alone. Only 20% of adolescents are getting the recommended 9 hours of sleep.Adolescent have later sleep schedules than adults which makes them not able to fall asleep till 11 pm. With school starting less than 8 hours away. Adolescent are not getting the sleep they need. Yet this problem has not been solved. Early school starting times negatively affect High school students; therefore schools should start later. After school activities are a huge part of high schoolers lives around the world. Some may say that after school activities such as athletics will be corrupted by the later start times. According to The National Sleep Foundation “ Most districts that have changed their start times have experienced few problems with regard to athletics. Practice times are rescheduled, and in some cases lights are installed so practice can run a little later.”. Even if sports run an extra hour or so. With school starting later students will have time to finish homework and get enough sleep.National sleep foundation explains that “ many districts have seen increased participation in sports and improved performances by their teams. However, “ a later…show more content…
Wahlstrom examined grades earned before and after the time change they found that “Statistically significant increases in the 1st-period grade point average in one or more core courses of English, math, social studies, and science in three districts with start times from 8:00-8:35 a.m.”. They also found that“Significant increases in grade point average in all 1st-period core courses for all semesters in all grades in Jackson Hole High School in Wyoming, with a start time of 8:55 a.m.”. The later start time has proven to have academic
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