Persuasive Essay On Earth Pollution

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When a foreign substance is introduced to a natural environment pollution occurs. Pollution is destructive and harmful. The amount of pollution has drastically increased do to mankind’s urge to develop. With the industrial revolution came a large amount of pollution. Waste products, toxic gases and poisonous substances were being released into nature. With the amount of pollution today our world is slowly dying. One of the many problems caused by pollution is ozone layer depletion.

Large collection of gases is what makes the earth habitable. These gases together are called the atmosphere. The second layer of the atmosphere is the stratosphere. The stratosphere contains 15% of the total mass of the atmosphere. One of the major layers of
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Ultraviolet light (UV) is one of the energy from coming from the sun. The UV light is not visible to the eye. Small amount of UV light is beneficial for humans. We need UV light to produce vitamin D. But extended amount of exposure may cause some health problems. Only a small layer of ozone is standing between the harmful UV rays and us. The ozone layer absorbs the light rays, which causes a reaction to occur. This reaction is the reason why the ozone has three oxygen atoms. But still %3 or less amount of radiation can pass through the layer, which can cause sunburns and skin…show more content…
As an example 194 nations have signed an international agreement to end the production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons and other ozone-depleting substances. This agreement is called the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. Lots of people assume that it is too late and that they cant do anything to help. But there are several things an individual can do to help save the earth. Such as limiting private vehicle driving. By using public transport we are actually reducing the amount of ozone depletion. But we must not forget to protect ourselves from the harmful UV rays. Putting on sunscreen, wearing sunglasses and getting annual checkups can achieve

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