Persuasive Essay On Eating Meat

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Eating meat is beneficial to humanity, because they provide nourishment that cannot be obtained from other sources. Without the support of animals, humans lack a distinctive diet, that is essential to their well-being. However, since animals are so important to the diet, they deserve great care and respect as well. Humans were always hunters and gathers. They always knew that meat was a big source of protein that helped keep them going(Araki). Veganism began with a protest of cruel farming techniques and meat packing factories. Although it is more popular today, the plant only diets can be traced back to Asian, Middle eastern culture. In Asia, meat was prevalent to religions such as: Hinduism, Jainism etc. Such religions were firm believers of…show more content…
There are markets available that have accessories for cows, chickens etc. Animals have a right to kind treatment and equal rights. There are other ways to give animals respect, factory farming is not the only solution to produce a large amount of meat. If people cared about animal welfare they would visit small farms and local butchers or raise meat themselves. In the olden days, people raised animals and had cheese, milk, and meat. Most of those animals had happy lives. They were outside and were free ranged animals. Animals have an equal right to this world as does humans. Animals shouldn’t have to suffer, living in the plant factory is unfair and brutal.
All animals have feelings, they have a right to kind treatment, and a right to live in this world. The meat packing industry disregards animal’s emotions and their rights all together by the malicious treatment of animals. The way animals are being treated is highly unfair. Being slaughtered for their body parts and suffering just to be used for protein or an asset to humans is unbearable. An animal’s life is at equal values to a human and deserve the same rights as

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