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Eating Out: Yes, It’s Possible! If you think your days of enjoying your favorite restaurants are over, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Because even though you’re eating within the guidelines of the low-GI weight loss plan, you can easily find—and adjust—restaurant meals that won’t sacrifice your weight loss goals. The first thing you’ll notice when scanning a restaurant menu is that the entrées are already low on the glycemic index: you have meats, fish and poultry. These, with their high-protein composition, are easy enough to choose. However, there are still rules to follow when selecting from these choices. Make sure the meat, fish or poultry is prepared in a healthy manner. Avoid fried dishes, opting for grilled or sautéed versions to limit saturated and trans fats. You also want to choose the leanest meats…show more content…
This is a no-brainer when it comes to french fries, but it’s also true no matter how the potato is prepared, as potatoes have a very high GI value. Choose cottage cheese or fresh fruit instead. Let’s run through a basic dinner or lunch, starting with the entrée. While you may have to exercise some restraint, you will most often find that it’s easy to order a healthful, low-GI meal without having to request a dish “off menu.” A Practical Guide to Dining Out You may be surprised by the variety of entrées available that are low on the glycemic index. Experiment with different salads, protein entrees and even sandwiches. Don’t be afraid of those sandwiches, as whole-grain and specialty breads are becoming ever more popular as the health food trend grows. More restaurants are now serving sourdough bread than ever before, and brown rice is becoming an increasingly popular option in Asian restaurants. If you must order a dish that’s a bit higher on the glycemic index than you’d like, simply make sure you have some good lean protein or healthy fats to pair with it. This will lower the overall GI value of the

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