Persuasive Essay On Eating Turkeys

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The Turkey... Not for Thanksgiving Anymore!
46 million turkeys are eaten every year on Thanksgiving Day but is that really the best option for humans. The answer is NO! People should stop eating turkeys for Thanksgiving. Farmers are using artificial hormones and antibiotics to help their turkeys grow bigger and faster, cooking turkeys takes a ridiculous amount of time, and buying and consuming turkeys is bad for the environment. One of the most important reasons why humans shouldn’t eat turkeys is because they are grown with artificial hormones and antibiotics. They suppliments can be harmful to the human body. People consume the hormones and antibiotics when they eat the turkeys. In the article Hormones in Food. Should you Worry? written by Huffington Post it says “Excess hormones in the food supply are contributing to cancer, early puberty in girls, and other health problems in humans. For years, consumer advocates and public health experts have fought to limit the use of hormones.” This shows that consuming turkeys with artificial hormones and antibiotics is unhealthy. Also according to The Hormones and Antibiotics in Your Meat 80% of turkey brands are grown with artificial hormones and antibiotics. Therefore I can conclude that it is dangerous for you to eat any turkey this year because they could be grown with
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According to’s article 9 Reasons to Stop Eating Turkey, “Because of the overcrowded, enclosed conditions of conventional agriculture, turkey farms and other similar operations produce high amounts of feces which can find their way into groundwater that is used by humans and also creates a horrible stench in the communities surrounding the farms.” There are not proper guidelines on how to properly store, treat, or dispose of turkey excrement. This is a huge issue because turkeys create up to 3 trillion pounds of excrement per year, 130 times more than the entire human
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