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End of Ebola Death is one of the biggest fears of humans. In world history, only a few diseases have killed countless people and threatened humanity. A few diseases such as smallpox, influenza, and S.A.R.S. have been a problem in the past. The waves of deadly diseases did not stop there, but a new disease called Ebola was introduced not too long ago. More than 23,200 people from Africa have died, and still more counting worldwide. However, doctors and medical teams from all over the world united to defeat Ebola efficiently and effectively. They have decreased the rate of death and infection from a few hundred cases a week to much fewer currently. This could only happen if people from all countries worked together and effectively…show more content…
From recent reports, two main factors have contributed to the breakdown of Ebola: whole governments raised the alertness which changed the attitudes toward Ebola, and they isolated the patients. The World Health Organization has officially announced that Ebola was a public health emergency of international concern. The United Nations said Syria, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan were already in big danger; not shortly after the decrement of Ebola, the United Nations also included Iraq to the “level 3” emergencies, which they categorized as highest crisis. The convened global leaders and Ebola experts have come together and discussed the practical implications, and they also shared advance database software to obtain information about the disease’s spread for the UN (Doyon). After that, they isolated patients so the epidemic will decrease. For example, ACT Health once said that they responded to Ebola effectively by isolating a worker from Canberra Healthcare, who showed the symptoms of fever and gastro. They placed her in isolation until she was cleared of the virus. Dr. Kelly from ACT Health said, “We had our protocols very well sorted out about what should happen, and particularly how to protect the health care workers that would have been working with this patient to make sure they didn’t contract Ebola” (ABC Premium News). The epidemic curve of Ebola seemed to decrease or even flatten because of serious attention

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