Persuasive Essay On Education

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Everyone involved in our life has helped raise and teach us about almost everything as they all played a role in our lives. But how exactly did they play a role in our lives? In my opinion, they educated us on things that our time in school did not. In school, they teach us the same four subjects each year: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. However, they are not teaching us things that we would have to learn from experience later in our lives. They are not focused on teaching us what to expect when we reach the age of adulthood, they are focused on teaching us about the subjects appointed by the Department of Education (DOE). This is the issue we face every day with the school system because although it is great to have a better understanding in these subjects, they should also focus on teaching us how to prepare for the real world. I strongly believe that they should be teaching us how to save money, how to be a better candidate for a job application, and how we are are going to need to be independent. Education should not just be about our academics or else we will never get anywhere. It should also be about how to prepare yourself for real-world problems. In school, the teachers are focused more on our academics than our life problems. Although the school does teach us some of the basic life skills that we need, they do not teach us the most important ones that revolve around our lives every single day. “Though high school and college are excellent in
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