Persuasive Essay On Education In America

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Education in America has came a long way from where education initially started. We use to see education as contributing solely to the well being of an economy, and now we also see it as developing new ways and things that can make the world better. Education in the United States is an equal opportunity we all have. Every child has access to schooling and universal access to education at all levels. So why is it that the United states school system is failing to produce individuals who cannot solve problems or compete in the economy we have? The United States spends more money on secondary education per student than many other nations, yet we are still the ones lagging behind in the basics of mathematics, reading, and writing. This is what calls for an education reform.
Initially the issue with education came to the public and political awareness back in the 20th century when the views on education were seen as a need so we can develop a thriving industry and global competitiveness. Since then the United States have spent large amounts of money, thus developing a budget for education. Also the United States has kept record of how the children are being educated and the outcomes of that. Through that “politicians and corporate leaders believe that the way to solve society’s most pressing problems is through educational reform, thus bringing eye to it from the public and politicians” (Theodoulou & Kofinis, 2012).
Initially what sparked such a strong focus on education was,
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