Persuasive Essay On Education

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In today’s world we are all told how we should all get a good education. We must attend school from four years old to eighteen years old and after that it’s our choice whether we want to keep getting an education. Our education systems are typically the same throughout. We have the same teaching methods for everyone and it doesn’t always work for everyone. There are many ways we can improve our education systems starting we can come up with new and unique ways to give daily lessons for all the unique children. When the time for high school comes around, we are forced to take certain courses, but it isn’t always the classes that could benefit us. We should come up with different mandatory classes that can actually give us benefits for our future. Although there can be things to improve it doesn’t mean we are not being offered the best. We should not be taking away and rearranging how high school runs, but instead adding to it to make it better. For starters, schools should be offering different teaching methods for all students. Teachers often ask students “how do you learn?”. There are four main types of learners: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. This means not everyone will be able to understand what is being taught if the teachers just stands in front of the class talking the whole period. As we see in the article “The Secret to Fixing Bad Schools” it says we should have “teachable moments” to achieve and help with different teaching methods. All
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