Persuasive Essay On Education Reforms

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Education Reforms Education reform is legislation to improve the quality of education in the United States. Once, grades were the most important achievement for students. However, politicians and the public were concerned that our standardized test scores were not as good as those of other countries. Therefore, state and national governments started making laws to make school more challenging and to test kids more. One of those laws was “No Child Left Behind”. Recently, the Common Core State Standards were developed and kids were going to be tested more than ever. However, all of this education reform has been a failure because our testing scores have not improved, the testing makes children suffer, and it doesn’t improve how teachers teach. Education reforms has had little effect on our testing scores. The average score for a 17 year old student doing a reading test in the beginning of school is 285 and over 40…show more content…
Maybe if they told us why it's super important we may just try to really do our best on the test. At the same time many teachers aren't sure why the test is important they are just told that we need to take them and it will count as a grade. If they don't know why we need to take it how would they know if it was really important on how it could affect our scores. So if the teachers can’t tell us what the test is about how do we know if it is really important or not. Some teachers would say every test is important but sometimes that's not true. Many tests are put onto the computer when they could just be put on to paper and have it be read to the class and we'll figure it out, but people don't think that it's the way to do things. Sometimes they make it a big deal when we do a test to make us worry and it plays with our emotions and makes us upset. When a child is upset they won't do as good on a test if they were
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