Persuasive Essay On Egg Donation

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Amount of Coverage
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Egg donation is not covered as extensively in the news as other women’s health topics. On, I could not find many articles about egg donation. The website has a pregnancy and fertility section, but it is filled with stories about celebrities, pregnant women and mothers who have gone viral, and tips about the stages and ailments of pregnancy. There is not much of a focus on fertility. The only other article I could find when searching egg donation on the website is about a woman’s experience titled “Donating My Eggs Destroyed My Chances of Having Kids.” I was able to find two more articles, “What It Really Takes to Get Pregnant at 46” and “I Found My Egg Donor on
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The risks of egg donation are portrayed in a very drastic way. I am not saying the writers should avoid reporting on the risks, but I do believe the articles are written a way that scares readers away from the thought of egg donation. Egg donation is not really a topic you find on the front page of a news website. You need to search for it directly if you want some more information. Since the politics of women’s healthcare was a major point of concern last year, people were probably more likely to read those topics since they received more coverage. I think these coverage styles of egg donation have a possible influence of young women’s decisions when considering egg donation. I feel like women in their twenties and early thirties are overwhelmed about the amount of freedom they have and are concerned about making the right decision, which would turn them to the media to research and validate their decisions. Media emphasizing the negative aspects of egg donation would possibly persuade young women not donate their eggs and if they already donated their eggs, it would make them question their choice. Young women should make informed choices, but realize there is no right choice—only the one that is right for
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