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Cars are the most important products in the modern lifestyle. Whether it’s going to work, school, the mall, or even your friend’s house, it’s likely that you will be using a car to get there. I’m sure everyone here has a car, and I’m also sure everyone here will be buying another car in the future. Whether you want a car that can fit a large amount of people, or a sports car that can go extremely fast, an electric car will almost always be the best option for you. First of all, let’s talk about the environment. I’m sure you all know about greenhouse gases and global warming, so I won’t talk much about that, but you may not know that road vehicles produce 10% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. This does include vehicles other than cars like trucks, but Tesla just came out with an electric truck which is faster and can carry more weight than any petrol/diesel truck. Greenhouses gases carbon-dioxide and methane have hit their highest levels in the past 420,000 years, and the extent of arctic sea ice has declined about 10% in the last 30 years. This is all because of global warming, and if we start switching to electric cars, we could make a big difference and maybe, just maybe the effects of global warming will decrease. If they don’t, sea-levels could…show more content…
The following statistics are for traveling 100 kilometers: According to a recent EU study, by 2020, only 26 megajoules of energy will be used to get petrol out of the ground and transported to the car, but a petrol car will use 152 megajoules of energy to move itself around. 74 megajoules of energy will be used to generate electricity and transport it to the car, but an electric car will only use 38 megajoules of energy to move itself around. You’re not only helping the environment, but you’re saving energy too! Electric cars already use less energy, and that is never going to

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