Persuasive Essay On Emergency Room Technician

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“Taking drugs will eventually consume your life, reach out for help and get your life back on track," is the caption that lines the bottom of this ad. This ad is simple, but yet so powerful. It shows just enough to get a strong message across to viewers. This ad is powerful to me because this sad is truth of what I see everyday as an Emergency Room technician. As you look closely you see one lifeless woman lying alone on a cement ground with drugs shaped into a gun pointing at her head. This could mean one of two things, she overdosed for the last time or she is slowly killing herself. The scars that are visible on her left antecubital could mean she has had this drug problem for a while now. Having this Ad featured in black and white helps…show more content…
Unfortunately I see more patients under the age 30 overdosing on drugs. Most of the patients recover, but then there are some patients that are not as fortunate. As you stand by the patients side and witness how destroyed parents are to find their children deceased in front of them. How much the parents blame themselves for this happening, but really they had no control over it. Then you have patients who has younger children that have to say goodbye to their mother or father that will never be able to see or speak to them again. You look at these family members and you stand there and ask yourself why, why didn 't they get the help they needed. No one but the patient can tell you what the reason is or was because everyone has their own story to tell. Some patients get to recover from overdosing, then they are placed into observation for a couple hours to make sure they are ok. Most family members do not know their child, parent, uncle or aunt do drugs. They usually think the patient is tired and hasn 't slept in days and that they are not overdosing from drugs. After the patients alert and awake we try our best to get the patient the help they need, but unfortunately there are some that decline the

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