Persuasive Essay On Emotional Abuse

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Human Rights Persuasive Paper Emotional abuse in relationships all over the world is equally detrimental to physical abuse. While it may leave no physical scars on one’s body, the abuse to one 's self esteem may easily last their whole life. Emotional abuse if often ignored or seen as less harmful than physical abuse by many societies and people all over the world. Americans are especially adapt to this unjust behavior. Emotional abuse deserves recognition. As said on an anonymous Emotional Abuse Awareness Wordpress Blog, “You don’t have to get hit to get hurt.” This powerful statement is an excellent reflection of the notion while the wounds of emotional abuse may be invisible, the impacts to one’s self esteem will last considerably longer than those of physical abuse. It is very common for victims of emotional abuse to experience “...long term anxiety, along with panic and depression” (Archambault, 3). Emotional often abuse causes the victim to change as a person in many ways, from becoming isolated from loved ones, to becoming despondent. These reasons, along with countless others, represent why the effects of emotional abuse are equally as physical abuse. Emotional abuse comes in innumerable forms that are usually very difficult to be caught by ones outside the relationship. This dilemma is often most taxing on the one undermined…show more content…
Emotional abuse comes in various forms that are difficult to recognize by others outside of the relationship, which often causes the victim to feel isolated. Americans, along with other societies around the world need to begin the end of emotional abuse by helping those in relationships, and educating others how to recognize the signs of an emotionally abusive relationships to help those stuck in them to escape. The effects of emotional abuse may be invisible on the outside, by on the inside, they will last forever. Who will you help

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