Persuasive Essay On Encountering Harm

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Lingering Harm Posting a video online of a school fight may make students feel “cool”, but people are unaware of the lingering harm they truly do. Schools all around the country try to reprimand the student that is the attacker, but just recently they have begun to come aware of another threat, the person filming, and posting the video online. These actions must be watched carefully, and be brought to an end, as they only have consequences that harm students to a greater level. Having over 1 million views may make posting a video of a school fight online seem like a perfectly fine thing to do, but these same videos bring unwanted attention and escalate the issue. An example of this issue is when two boys at Calvert…show more content…
Dr. Stacey Scheckner, a Tampa psychologist who counsels teenagers, says “viral videos of a brutal beating may not lead to lifelong psychological damage, but it can give a young victim post-traumatic stress disorder” (Paquette). Students being constantly reminded of what has happened gives them no sense of protection, which can in turn them cause them to take drastic measures. In one case, after a video of someone beating 14-year-old Darin King up at school surfaced, he felt too taunted to continue at Windy Hill Middle School in Owings (George). When one searches up “school fights” on YouTube, over 7 million videos show up (YouTube). In every single video, these people are given constant reminders of their humiliation. These traumatic videos could have consequences in the child’s future that cannot be predicted. Not only do these videos affect the victim, but they play a huge role in encouraging people to fight (Morrow). In fact, educators have discouraged this practice of videotaping school fights because they say the “footage fuels school conflicts, spurs bullying and fosters a flip attitude toward inflicting hurt and humiliation”
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