Persuasive Essay On Endangered Animals

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Introduction In the next half century, it has been estimated that at least 1500 species will be so endangered that their survival will require captive measures, including zoos (Louis P. Cain and Dennis A. Meritt Jr.). Therefore, the survival of the animals will rely solely on the ability of the zoos to provide the proper care. But these conservation efforts will not work unless the enclosure of these animals are able to meet their needs. In a study done by G. B. Hubbard, R. E. Schmidt and K. C. Fletcher, neoplastic disease (tumors on the brain) was evaluated in acquirements from the San Antonio Zoo during a 10-year period. They found neoplasia, which usually results from animals living in unhealthy environments, in 3.6% of 693 mammals. Furthermore, these situations cannot happen when dealing with endangered animals, so the zoos’ enclosures must be able to provide sufficient living conditions. In order for these enclosures to meet the animal 's needs, the zoo owners need money. Depending on the size and popularity of a zoo, the amount a zoo can spend on enclosures changes, but what is evident in all of the budgeting of these zoos is that most of their money goes towards salaries. Enclosures, however, tend to be in the middle in terms of what zoos spend their money on. As shown in the Toronto zoo, where 16% of their budget goes to a category called “Materials and Supplies” (Toronto 2015 Budgeting). Based upon these facts, it can be concluded that while accredited zoos spend

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