Persuasive Essay On Ending Capital Punishment

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Ending Capital Punishment There are many benefits to ending capital punishment. First, executing someone is very expensive. The numerous appeals, hearings, and other court procedures take up a lot of time, money, and facilities. Compared to a life sentence, an execution costs significantly more. A person in prison costs around thirty-five thousand dollars a year. An execution costs around three million dollars. There are also many moral dilemmas with the death penalty. Those who are convicted can wait years to have their sentence carried out. This can cause mental suffering, as it could with anyone who is awaiting the day of their death. Many of those who are against capital punishment consider this cruel and unusual punishment. When you execute someone, that person can not be rehabilitated. Because sentencing someone to death can weigh heavily on someone, those members of the jury may let someone walk free, rather than sentence them. Innocent people can be wrongfully convicted and…show more content…
Some claim that a life sentence discourages more people than the death sentence. For the death sentence to really deter people from homicide, it needs to be initiated for all homicide regardless of other factors. As it is now, it is unlikely for someone to be executed because of homicide. Criminals usually do not think of their punishment or the likeliness of them being caught before they commit homicide. It would be more effective if there was a larger chance of being detected, such as DNA collection at birth or more police. However, some arguments against capital punishment can be used to defend capital punishment. Putting someone on death row does cause psychological suffering, but those who commit horrendous murders deserve the pain. It makes sure justice is truly served; they killed, so they will be executed. That person being executed will bring closure and relief to the families of the
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