Negative Effects Of Energy Drinks

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Studies have found that energy drinks have serious damage to humans. Energy drinks have no restorative advantage, and numerous fixings are unstudied and not directed. Caffeinated drinks contain ingredients that can really hurt and harm your body. Energy drink gives you an extra energy and it’s not help you. In addition, energy drinks have two main elements which is sugar and caffeine, the most unsafe medication found in most caffeinated beverages is ephemera. Ephemera can bring about genuine heart inconveniences, strokes, seizures, and even death. Although some people may avoid energy drinks because they harm the body and may also impact for people death. First, energy drinks lead to health and physical diseases, it causes health problems for…show more content…
Energy drinks have a substance this article works on addictive people to drink it. People drink because they want to avoid life problems. However, teenager take energy drinks only for style or to show people. For example, teenager every year have style, but the problem that teenager think that the style when they drink energy drinks also to show that they are in the fashion, so this is huge problem also very dangerous for people especially for teenager. However, in the future the energy drinks effect people as Mandy (2012) “The popularity of energy drinks and the rapid growth of their excessive consumption among adolescents and young adults have brought about great concern in regard to overall health and well-being. Caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive substance in the world and imposes a potentially harmful influence on health. Adolescents and young adults should not drink, such as energy drinks and various other medications that promote alertness, contain caffeine.” (P.p.…show more content…
This psychiatric illness such as insomnia and increased anxiety. Caffeinated drinks cause insomnia for people when they drink it plentifully. For example, when someone wants to sleep, but before sleep this person drink energy drinks, so this person has had insomnia. According to Montakab, (n.d.) “An important factor in insomnia is wrong sleep hygiene. Energy drinks, which function in much the same way as caffeine. Some individuals experience sleep disruption with certain vitamins, so it will cause for this person insomnia and depression. Caffeine, which acts as an antagonist at the adenosine receptors and slows the action of the hormones in the brain.”(para. 6). It difficult to get rid of insomnia easily. In addition, cause for people anxiety. Energy drinks are increased anxiety for human. So wakefulness and disquiet have a big dangerous that causes psychiatric illness for

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