Essay On Law Enforcement Career

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Have you ever dreamed of entering the law enforcement field right out of highschool? After some research you’ll probably realize you can’t until you're 21. What if I told you I had a career that let you enter the Law enforcement field as early as 17? You’ll be getting on the job training by highly trained professionals 4 years earlier then most! This gives you a great jump start on your career and even includes some great benefits! Obtaining a career as a Security Forces Airmen in the United States Air Force is a great fulfilling career for anyone interested in jumping into the Law Enforcement field early.
The Air Force offers a large variety of top of the line benefits. There are things you won't even realize you're benefiting from. Such as education! From the moment you step foot into basic training to the moment you
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What about missiles and nuclear weapons? They got a career for that too! And it's awesome! You don’t know the feeling of great responsibility until you’re asked to guard some of the most powerful weapons on the planet. As a Security Forces specialist, it’s your job to protect these high valued assets. "Wherever there’s an Air Force asset, there’s a defender there protecting it." (Missile Protection) Whether it’s a security installation or a launch facility, Security Forces specialists are on guard and fully prepared at all times. What about dogs? Do you enjoy working with dogs? Well there's a career for that too! A military working dog (MWD) handler is responsible for protecting and defending the base with their loyal canine partner by their side. With a strong passion and respect for dogs, a MWD handler personally trains their assigned dog in law enforcement, including how to detect drugs and explosives. "The dog’s not a piece of equipment. He’s not a tool. He’s your partner." (Military Working Dogs) Together, they are a highly trained team ready for
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