Persuasive Essay On Entitlement In Sports

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High school sports are fast approaching and everybody is brushing up on their skills. Entitlement is when somebody has the right to do something and exists in every high school sport Starting varsity is most player’s main goal, but it comes at a cost. Athletes should have to earn their spot to play varsity, it should not be given to them. Over the years I can definitely relate to this, and playing varsity has brought out the best in me by revealing my true character.
Not having entitlement in sports allows everyone an equal chance of earning a varsity spot. It allows athletes to strive harder for success because then they know coach is looking at everyone, not matter their age or name. An athlete also feels better about himself when coach is watching, which can result in more confidence and a better performance. Head coaches need to look at skill level instead of the name or age when it comes to varsity players because they are out there to win, not please people. If an underclassman is truly better than an upperclassman, then the underclassman should receive the opportunity to play above the upperclassman. I have been a baseball varsity starter for Royalton High School since eighth grade and have loved every inning of it. The head varsity coach Aaron Meier always said it does not matter how old a player is, if he is good enough to
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Athletes must earn the right to wear the jersey and the right to playing time by bringing a strong athletic skill set, by being dedicated to the team, by performing well academically, and by showing good character and sportsmanship. No athlete should ever underestimate how hard another athlete is working to earn that same position on a team, a position no one is simply entitled to have without competing for it or competing to keep it. Wearing a high school jersey, does not entitle an athlete to playing time. Entitlement never wins championships, investment wins
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