Persuasive Essay On Environmental Health

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Out of all controversial topics, environmental health must be one of the most applicable and relevant topics talked about today. Basically, environmental health is living in a healthy environment. Activists fought for environmental justice because certain living areas resulted in many casualties. Fast forward to today, there is federal law that keeps us safe and for the most part, we all live in healthy environments. There are organizations such as NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences) that identify environmental agents that cause illness to guarantee a safe place to live for everyone. The NIEHS should continue to receive funding from the government because their work is beneficial to the general population and it could prevent illness and casualties…show more content…
The NIEHS should be given money to continue research because they are working on cutting-edge methods to find troubling materials in the environment. While many people may believe that looking into alternative research methods may cost more money in the long run, the results are rewarding and will produce more information than animal testing does. The author argues in Source 2, “NIEHS scientists are working on ways to help predict the harmful effects of chemicals using cell cultures, microorganisms, some types of small fish, and computer models. Once we know where the dangers might be, we can reduce the number of diseases and deaths and help prevent people from being exposed to things that can harm them”. This statement demonstrates how we can benefit from new methods of research. By replacing research methods that take years, we can limit that to a smaller time period, therefore we will be able to identify environmental agents faster. It is now comprehensible why the NIEHS deserves the grant for
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