Persuasive Essay On Equal Pay

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Equal pay is something women have fought over for a long time, but still haven’t got it. Just because women have only a little less experience as they have to take care of children doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get the same salary. Equal pay is favorable since it boosts the economy, makes the company look better, and helps everyone. Why would equal pay boost the economy, though? Foremost of all, women spend a sizable portion of their income, which leads to higher demand. This causes spillages in the economy, which contributes to economic growth. Another way to say this is how Kate Bahn puts it, “In fact, comparing it to the current top priority of the GOP—tax cuts for the wealthy—equal pay would put twice as much income back into our economy as their current proposed tax cuts.” (Bahn, 2017, p.1) This means that two times as much more money our economy would have by now, if equal…show more content…
With equal pay, poverty would decrease by more than a half. Supporting evidence from the President and CEO of the IFWPR, Dr. Heidi Hartmann, is “ Providing equal pay to women would have a dramatic impact on their families. The poverty rate for all working women would be cut in half, falling to 3.9 percent from 8.1 percent. The very high poverty rate for working single mothers would fall by nearly half, from 28.7 percent to 15.0 percent, and two-thirds would receive a pay increase.” (Clark, Hartmann, & Hayes, 2014, p.1) It is important to notice here that how much of humankind living in indigence would gain from this. For the 14.3 million single women—divorced, widowed, separated, and never married women living on their own—equal pay would mean a very significant drop in poverty from 11.0 percent to 4.6 percent (falling by more than half). “ (Clark, Hartmann, & Hayes, 2014, p.1) This adds up to suggest that the poverty rate would go down to a point, we are extremely close to banishing most people in
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