Persuasive Essay On Equality

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the ability to choose and cherish ones most basic human experiences such as passion, desire, joy, and love is one of the first steps in freeing oneself from collectivism. throughout Anthem Equality 7-2124 discovers what it means to fall in love with a farm-hand named Liberty 5-3000. Not only is romantic love forbidden in his society but the very concept of human preference of any kind (romantic or otherwise) is unacceptable. However, Rand makes it clear that preference and human emotions are part of what makes Equality different from his fellow citizens. during his job as a street sweeper he meets his first real friend “International 4-8818 and we are friends.” he says this blatantly which lets us know he means it and he truly feels like a normal human person should, of course, this is forbidden in the city. “This is an evil thing to say, for it is a transgression, the great Transgression of Preference, to love any among men better than the others, since we must love all men and all men are our friends. (1.37)” The constants on Equality 's personal relationships don 't stop there when he falls in love with Liberty he is terrified and intimidated by his own feelings; he feels as though there is some sort of reason he is attracted to her even though his society has taught him to fear attraction. one possible point Ayn was trying to make about Equality’s love for Liberty was that he fell for her because she was what he assured to be: unique. “Yet we call them the Golden One,

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