A Short Summary On Equality

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Equality. It seems to be at the forefront of many people’s minds today. But what does it mean to be equal? A simple question, really, however, the answer always seems to elude the strongest advocates of equality. For example, in 1972, Nixon signed into law Title IX, a great victory for all people, a truly equal bill in theory and for the most part, in practice. The trouble is, the law has become overreaching, looking for trouble in places where there isn’t any. The bill has achieved what it has set out to accomplish and now has taken on a form where it is discriminatory in nature and is no longer needed on the scale it exists to today.
Schools are cutting men’s sports in order to keep a ratio of sports of each gender. First off, men are being
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Title IX happens to propel discrimination, ironically. For example, Schuld writes that Title IX ignores the differences between men and women in interest level. The author claims that this damages men’s sports, even though the law is meant to protect the growth of everybody’s interest. Of course, the bill was written to protect and propel the growth of women’s sports and other opportunities in schooling, however, the bill is written that nobody may discriminate on the basis of any sex, not on the basis of being a girl. To further this point, “Men’s teams per school have dropped 17%... meanwhile… women’s teams per school rose 34%.” Schuld writes about the discrimination in hopes to show that schools are in a way, going against what Title IX stands for, just not in the way that many would expect. Even though Title IX does not require schools to cut men’s sports to meet women’s sports, however, that is a solution and if schools did this they would be in total compliance with Title IX. This, Schuld writes, points to significant damage in school sports. Particularly men’s sports, which is a shame considering the strides for equality that so many are pushing for. Title IX itself should not be undone, simply the poor interpretation and execution of the bill. Nauen writes of three ways schools may be in compliance with Title IX. Compliance is gauged as whether women’s opportunities are increasing,…show more content…
Isabelle Hinkley writes in her article Why There’s Been a Big Drop in Women Coaches Under Title IX that 4 in 10 women coaches said they encountered discrimination in the hiring process because of their gender. In these instances, it is proper to enact Title IX. To expand it even more today could be even more damaging than helpful. It would be helpful to note the actual differences between men and women, where less go into sports and subsequently, less to coaching. This does not defend those who actually do discriminate against women in the hiring process or those who attempt to lessen women’s opportunities in sports and other intellectual fields, that is what the law is made to stop. However, the government giving a fixed definition of how to meet a quota where it does vary from location to location is against what Title IX should be for. Title IX should be reshaped to fit a new understanding. To help the women who don’t have opportunities to be able to find them, not give an excuse for people to sue
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