Persuasive Essay On Eugenics

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What is eugenics? Eugenics is the belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human population. Making the population a certain way. Picking out someone with a specific disease, to stop the disease from spearing. To only have on specific trait in the world. We have seen eugenics throughout the world. In the 20th century, we started to see eugenics is the United States. Certain people would believe that you can inherited traits from your parents. For example; poverty, shiftlessness, and poor work ethics. Eugenics movement was seen as a good way to improve our society and was supported by philosophers. Philosophers like Winston Churchill, Margaret Sanger, and Theodore Roosevelt. Where these people want to have the country…show more content…
People will be trying to kill off people who does not fit the prefect description. Ending human life early, than what nature had intended. With new babies being born will face discrimination. There will be a large amount of discrimination against natural born babies. Due to the fact, they were not engineer. Natural born babies will not look or have the right genes the world wants them to have. Babies who were born this way would be left alone to die. In the long run, there will be no survival of the fits. Everyone will look just a like, and they will all have the same health issue. There will be no way for the world to revolve, because no one would ever be allow to be their unique self. No human body will be able to adjust to the changing of the environment. If, we can’t change along with the environment; than there will be no human on Earth. Eugenics focus only on changing people. Making the world perfect. To fit one person specific point of view. People who are for eugenics wants a unified type of race to make their world perfect. Which, does not help anything. All it does is bring discrimination, kills the human diversity, and it kills the human kind altogether. There will be no way to change with the
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