Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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Hunter Blalock Mr N Bradsher English IV Honors Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. What about Death? Chronic diseases affect approximately 133 million Americans each year (National Health Council 1). Even more, are mortally wounded. All of these patients will most likely have to endure unnecessary pain and suffer a horrible end. Most of them do not want to go down the spiralling road of needless pain and have to face what these diseases will do in their last months or years. Why should doctors and Americans who have not been through these events be the ones to stop them if they do not want to go through all that trauma of these diseases or even injuries? They shouldn’t. That is why assisted suicide needs to be made legal in all of the United States. Everyone’s view of euthanasia is different. Some think it is best for what the patients want and give them that, others have their religious values to speak out against assisted death. Religions like Christianity and Catholics believe that assisted suicide violates the sanctity of life. The Mormon communities believe “Euthanasia is condemned. Anyone who takes part in euthanasia, including assisted suicide, is regarded as having violated the commandments of God” (Religion and Spirituality 1). All these views are respected, but what is important is the value is what each terminally-ill and injured patient want out of the rest of their life. On the contrary, there are beliefs that no one should allow anything like
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