Arguments Against Euthanasia Research Paper

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The topic of euthanasia has caused much controversy throughout the world with many arguments surrounding its ethics and our right to die as a human. The way in which terminally ill patients are not able to choose if they want to die is considered a travesty by many people whereas other believe that it is wrong for the patient to consider terminating their life in the first place when only god has the power to decide when we should die. Euthanasia is currently illegal in most countries and even in those where it is legal such as the Netherlands it is not widely practiced.
There are several different forms of euthanasia such as; active, passive, voluntary, non-voluntary, indirect and assisted suicide. Active euthanasia is when a person directly
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I have always thought that in extreme circumstances when the patient can no longer function properly and there quality of life is almost non-existent then I think that euthanasia is the right thing as you ensuring that that person no longer feels any pain. After researching this topic further and looking into personal opinions especially those of doctors I still feel that euthanasia could be considered a mercy killing upon certain circumstances, but I also think that it should be used as a final resort and the main focus should be on improving care for the patients to see if this can cause any improvements.
If the area continues this way with the topic gaining more publicity with people coming forward and fighting for their right to die as they please then it is likely that euthanasia will become legal in more countries, then the few where it is already such as Belgium. Although, if more doctors come out against this practise then there is the possibility that control may become stricter in those countries where it has been legalised or it may be made illegal for being
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