Should Euthanasia Be Legalized Essay

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Euthanasia If you had a terminal illness and were suffering daily, what would you like to do to change that? There is an easy solution to this problem, but most people look down upon it because they believe it is immoral. What I am talking about is euthanasia. Euthanasia should be allowed in these cases where a person is suffering and is probable to die soon. Forcing a terminally ill person to live when they would rather die than suffer is much more immoral than euthanizing them. Right now, laws prohibit euthanasia in most states in the United States, so most people cannot be euthanized even if they want to be. However, this can be changed with enough people calling their state representatives and protesting the law. Terminally ill people and people with chronic pain should be able to stop their suffering by using euthanasia to pass them on peacefully into death because it is inhumane to make them suffer longer than they should. First, let us start off with what euthanasia is. Euthanasia is the practice of painlessly ending a person or animal’s life because they are suffering and cannot be cured. It is a humane option compared to being forced to live out the rest of your life living off a machine and in great pain. Nevertheless, people still find it to be against their morals and do not want it to be in practice. Dating back two…show more content…
Why should it be any different for people? It is a useful way to end the suffering of those who do not want to suffer anymore. The use of euthanasia would be beneficial to those who are in great chronic pain or have a terminal illness. It does something that no other medicine can do for them: relieves them of all pain. There are many arguments for why euthanasia should be allowed in today’s world and how much it would change the world for the better. Euthanasia is the more humane option than making the patient suffer.

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