Persuasive Essay On Euthanasia

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Euthanasia, commonly referred to as mercy killing, is the exercise of ending lives of those with terminal conditions or agonizing pain. The practice of euthanasia is permitted in certain places such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and some parts of Canada. Although some view Euthanasia as wrong and unethical, others believe that it is a natural right every person is born with. Therefore, Euthanasia should be legalized for those ailing with little hope because the quality of a patient’s life diminishes, it could be a welcoming relief for families, and a patient has the right to die. As patients go through extensive care, like advanced medical support and artificial nutrients, their quality of life changes. Some medicines greatly improve a patient’s illness or pain, but others lead to a fade of one’s physical and mental state. A great example would be the popular case of Elizabeth Bouvia, a twenty six year old woman with cerebral palsy. Elizabeth Bouvia was a patient struggling with severe paralysis and lost an incredible amount of weight. Her hospital forcibly gave her artificial nutrients to aid her malnutrition issues. When Bouvia requested for the tube to be removed, the hospital refused due to the intensity of her illness. The court eventually allowed the patient to choose any path of treatment desirable for her personal needs (Landers). Elizabeth chose not to live in a state where she was barely hanging on with tubes placed through her body. Generally,
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