Persuasive Essay On Evolution

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There is great speculation around evolution. As we are continually in the process of discovering the history of human beings, there are many questions surrounding this topic. One very interesting question is why ancient ancestors of homo-sapiens evolved to walk upright like we do today. An apes’ DNA is astonishingly similar to that of a humans, (97% the same) and yet, our bones’ shapes and structure are very different. (Own knowledge, Source D) Bipedalism is unique to humans and it is known to be one of the earliest developments in hominids. (Source G, C) This phenomenon has intrigued researchers and historians for a number of years. There are many answers to this involved question; this essay will look at a few of them.
A well-supported answer is that hominids progressed to walk upright due to climate change. (Source A) The climate change would have increased the distance in food areas and as a result of this, hominids began to walk greater distances. (Source F) This still does not answer the question as, surely it does not matter whether one walks on two legs or four – but it does. Studies show that walking on two legs requires less energy and is therefore more advantageous to the hominid. A study was done to assess the energy level of chimps when walking on a treadmill, on two and four legs. The results displayed that walking on four legs required 75% more energy than walking on two, thus confirming the theory that it is more effective and

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