Exercise During Pregnancy Benefits Essay

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Besides helping you keep off excess pregnancy weight, exercising during pregnancy has a multitude of benefits. From keeping you happy with endorphins to making labor and delivery easier, exercise is good for expecting moms. It is important to be more cautious than you were before your pregnancy, however. Learn all about exercising during pregnancy to keep you and your little one safe.

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Years ago, pregnant women were advised to be extremely careful while exercising. This included advice such as to not let their heart rate go above 140 beats per minute and to stop as soon as they were tired. Myths surrounding pregnancy and exercise, such as the false belief that exercise causes miscarriages, have made many women fearful to exercise while expecting a baby.
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While you may get tired more quickly while pregnant, you can continue to exercise or begin an exercise routine.

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Keeping up your fitness routine (or beginning one) has plenty of pregnancy benefits, which
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