Importance Of Exercise To Live Essay

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Exercise to Live
As a member of the military, some level of physical fitness training has been part of my life for the past 26 years. Memories of those morning runs, those tough muscle failure sessions, or the great feeling that when it was finally over. Consequently, maintaining a certain level of fitness has always been a condition of employment. After suffering a heart attack, during a fitness evaluation in 2011, my eyes were opened to a harsh truth. With its monotony exercise had become a routine that met a requirement. Participation was the goal, not maintaining a level of fitness. Hearing the words overweight, heart disease, and prediabetic were like a nightmare. The treatment for these conditions would be a regiment of pills every day. Ultimately, this would go on until an
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Obesity has shown a rapid increase over the past 20 years, (Fogelholm, 15). Regardless, I really did not think that weight was an issue. Honestly, I had never had a problem with weight, but now a doctor is referring to me as obese. More importantly, Fogelholm states “Obesity is related to an increased risk of many chronic diseases, namely cardiovascular heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and cancers in the colon and breast” (15). Heart disease and diabetes are two of the conditions that I am now facing. While researching my family history, I heard many of the same statements: “we are big people”, “heart disease and diabetes run in the family”. At this point, I could accept the hand I was dealt, or I could take matters into my own hands. After reviewing my research with my doctor, my journey began. I began to follow a fitness plan that was organized and planned with a purpose. Honestly, I would no longer exercise to pass the time, I would exercise to save my life. After six months of work, I lost 23 pounds. Not only will exercise help to reduce obesity, but it also is significant in reducing the risk of heart
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