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The definition of factory farming is a farm in which livestock are raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize production at minimal cost.Also known as a system of raising livestock using intensive methods, by which poultry, pigs or cattle are confined indoors under strictly controlled conditions. Everyday animals suffer worse than most humans would our whole lives. It seems extreme but it’s fact. These animals are barely surviving in terrifying unhealthy conditions, that stink of feces and rotting corpses. They see their own family killed and are almost always diseased stricken. Animals are being exploited by people and need to be given proper rights. Animals should be free! Small family farms that have free range chicken, cows, and other farm animals have decreased to one perecent, being replaced by even more factory farms. “Factory farming accounts for 99…show more content…
However, scientists have done a scientific study that states, Almost all animals in the animal kingdom have a conscious and this isn’t new. “ Cows who don’t die on the way to the slaughter from exposure or traffic accidents are shot in the head with a captive-bolt gun and hung up by one leg then have their throats cut before finally being skinned and gutted. Some cows remain fully conscious throughout the entire process.”(So when will you cow meet its End?) I strongly believe that all animals have right which are being violated every day and every single second by factory farms, Animals should have the rights to equal consideration of their interest and prevent unjust suffering. 97% of the 10 billion animals tortured and killed each year are farm animals. While cows are still awake and in agony, their throats are “ bleed out there and sent down a line where their limbs are lopped off as they pass.”(Killing and Butchering a

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