Persuasive Essay On Factory Farming

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What do you think of when you look at the meat you just purchased at Wal-Mart? Or the eggs you just picked up at Kroger? Most people automatically think of a nice farm in a cute little town, with cows, chickens, pigs and some other typical farm animals. The majority of people don’t realize that their food comes from something called a factory farm. A factory farm can be better understood if you think of it as a family farm on steroids. They are all over the world injecting your food with chemicals and abusing animals. Nothing is done with the customer in mind; things are only done to generate an income. Profit is their main priority and your –and the animals, well being is left on the back burner. Theses types of farms keep the truth from the public, which is that animals are treated poorly, diseases spread like wildfire and animals are injected with…show more content…
Although being a vegetarian isn’t for everyone, this would be a great way to help reduce the factory farming sales. In doing this it could make your body cleaner and put a stop to some animals being killed for unnecessary purposes. Going vegan is a great way to start, but consuming eggs and dairy still causes death and suffering to animals (Lin, 2012). Becoming a vegan is only a partial solution to this major problem that seems to be getting worse in todays society. These factory farms think its okay to abuse animals and inject them with chemicals that affect our people. It’s a proven fact that today a young girl start going through puberty and developing at a younger age because of the growth hormones that are injected into plants and animals that we consume (Sayre, 2011). And that’s just a the short-term side affect, do we really want to wait and see what else is going to happen to our bodies because factory farms don’t want to wait a little longer to put out their product? I don’t think

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