Persuasive Essay On Factory Farms

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“Layer chickens lay 90-95% of the eggs sold in the U.S.” Baby chicks from the time they are born to the time that they die they never catch a break. Male chicks are not needed because they can not produce eggs so they kill them. The baby girl chicks have it pretty bad too, they first get their beaks cut and they have to live in a super small cage. This way is inhuman that we have come this far to have to kill animals and treat them as poor as these animals are treated. Many piglets if they are ill or will not grow fast enough the factory farmers will use many techniques including thumping, which is when they slam the piglet's head onto the ground repeatedly until they are dead or close to death. Some other tragedies these animals have to go…show more content…
Some environmental effects that are occurring around factory farms are pollution and also decreasing in water. 1kg of beef takes 90 bathtubs of water!!!! If the animals were allowed to walk around and eat grass we would save water and grains because the water would be coming from the rain on the grass and the nutrients in the grain would be coming from the grass. The animals are malnutritions because of many causes like their surroundings and or just some of the factors the humans cause. “Farmers get more money for turkeys with enlarged breasts. They thus breed the animals to be so heavy that their bones cannot support their weight.” This means money is more of a view for the farmers and they do not care much about the entirety of the animal. Illnesses were bad about 90 years ago when this industry started, but they are getting so much worse some of the illnesses these animals have to go through would include forms of cancer, respiratory diseases, heart attacks, and much more. These stresses that we put on the animals are much more than what us humans can say we have ever been threw. Maybe if we considered what we are doing to the animals murder than would things be

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