Persuasive Essay On Fahrenheit 451

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Pam Leo once said, “Let’s raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhoods.” Do parents with kids in high school or middle school really want their kids really want kids reading books about being drunk, smoking cigarettes, violence, “dirty talk”, and using God’s name in vain? Students should not have to read Fahrenheit 451 as an open book in class as it could go against what they believe in. This book could encourage kids to discuss or do things they should not be doing at their age. It also uses references to the bible and uses God’s name in vain. Teachers could have students read books that discuss the same thing as Fahrenheit 451 but doesn't use all the bad language and talk. Kassia Micek wrote an article called “Parent Criticizes book ‘Fahrenheit 451’. In the article parents state that this book talks about things students should not be encouraged to discuss in school. Alton Verm, a parent of a child reading the book made comments on the book like “its filled with all kinds of filth and how the words used in the book do not need to be brought out in class.” Verm asks the question, “how can the school punish students for using bad language, yet require them to read a book with bad language and morals in it?”…show more content…
Parents try to encourage their kids to stay away from alcohol and violence in school. This book uses bad references to the bible many students are Christians and may feel uncomfortable about talking like this in class. Grand Parkways Youth minister said “We want children to go after God and encourage them that what you put in your heart and mind is what comes out. Reading about talking about ripping pages out of the bible (as they do in the Fahrenheit 451) may influence students to get the wrong image on religion. It is wrong for a school to encourage kids to read a book about something they do not believe
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