Opinion Essay About Fake News

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People around the world wants to keep up with the latest news to know what’s happening around the world. There are many ways of accessing the news such as the old fashion way, newspapers, magazines, radio and television then there are the technological means to get the news. From the internet or social media like Facebook and Twitter. The informal way of accessing news is the local “grapevine.” This like any news spreads like wild fire but it is not reliable in that it is laced with personal opinion. The one thing that is surprising to these types of viewers is that we could be a victim to fake news and we don’t even realise it. Is what they are doing acceptable? It is not acceptable because it can change people’s thoughts and ideas about something or someone. Fake news can be brought up with no…show more content…
All these fake news sites are what makes us as people think we are seeing or hearing the truth and this could change how things happen in our country. Different viewpoints on fake news. It is a waste of time and has no importance to be doing it. It is not a waste of time but it gives people a platform for freedom of speech. The thing that is wrong is the way they think. The fake news creator is one who gets the thrill by playing on people’s emotions to achieve their own selfish ends. These people have the thrill of implicating people similarly as an arsonist who gains pleasure seeing burning buildings or cars. They also get added bonus when people’s emotions are reported by news media. In conclusion fake news is actually not new at all. It has grabbed our attention once again due to the technological advances to broadcast news immediately and globally. It was first indicated unwittingly since Ripley said: “Believe it or
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