Persuasive Essay On False Advertising

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What do binders, pens, pencils, weight-loss programs, sodas, and even cars have in common? Nothing? No! They all have misleading claims that are falsely advertised! Advertising is divided into two sections, the products’ functionality and its quality. Now, let us start off with the horrible things that companies do to misleadingly advertise a false functionality. According to the BMJ, many major companies falsely advertise, and one of the biggest current “scandals”, so to speak, is from one of them. Coca-Cola. Yes. Coke falsely advertised all of their sweetened products. According to them, “studies” showed that sugar sweetened beverages were not linked with obesity and cardiovascular diseases. That means that if you drink sugary sodas, it won’t make you fat nor impact your heart. I sure want to see those studies! These things impact a lot of people including…teachers! Mrs.…show more content…
That issue is the quality of the product advertised. After interviewing my class, 100% of the people agree that it is not okay to lie and falsely advertise. They told me that it is a horrible sin that destroys customer relationships and can ruin the customer in many ways. This includes failing a project, burning down your house, and ruining a relationship due to faulty products that didn’t do what you expected. I know that you have all been there. At a store, you see exactly what you need to finish your project. Let us imagine it was a hammer. It has the proper functionality, which is good. The company also states that this hammer “Is guaranteed to last over 1 year”. When you walk to the cashier, though, she asks for the price of a whopping $50. Since you need the hammer you buy it. It was guaranteed to last one year, so it would be good, right? When you start hammering in the nail, 1 hour before the project is due and long after all the stores in your town are closed, your hammer shatters. This leads to you failing your
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