Fantasy Sports Gamble Essay

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In the PBS Frontline documentary, "The Fantasy Sports Gamble," we follow Walt Bogdanich, as he investigates the fairly new trend of daily fantasy sports and online sport betting; and what was cause behind it. Online gambling has been around as long as the internet. Making it easier to gamble to win or lose money, all from the comfort of your own home. That is, until the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. It was supposed to stop credit card companies and other payment processors from facilitating bets online (Bogdanich). The bill they helped pass targeted on-line gambling, including Web sites that had moved offshore. But it exempted fantasy sports as long as they involved more skill than chance. And ultimately,
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As for the law’s primary target, the multi-billion dollar on-line sports gambling industry (Bogdanich). But as the daily fantasy business grew, with an estimated $3.1 billion being bet last year, it did so with very few rules at all. The New York Times began publishing stories on what we’d found out about the realities of unregulated sports betting and how the daily fantasy industry avoided government oversight. In-Text Citation Practice

1. Jeffrey Salvati stated that “In 2006, the United States Congress carved out a piece of legislation that says fantasy sports is not gambling. I didn’t make that decision, they did. We’re playing by the rules. They make them’ (qtd. in Bogdanich).
2. Bryce Mauro, a daily fantasy sports player describes his experience with daily fantasy sports
I found out about FanDuel when I was in high school. I had played fantasy football for years and whatnot. I had never played daily fantasy. Now I play probably 450 and 500 different games a day. A typical morning, it’s pretty much just me hanging out, poring over baseball stats. I’ll spend between four and five hours a day on it. So after that, I’m just hanging out, doing whatever, just living life as a normal college student as best I can (Bogdanich).
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