Persuasive Essay On Fast Food

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All over the world people are in a constant battle with their food. Those in first world countries such as America, Canada, and European nations are struggling to avoid obesity and binge eating junk food to their favorite television shows. On the other hand, third world countries of Africa are fighting to get their hands on the bare minimum needed to get themselves and their families to avoid starvation. So how is it that the common factor in this global problem is that the majority of people in developed countries are dying of eating too much, and the majority of people in developing countries are dying of eating too little? This is caused by an imbalance in the food system. The large food companies focus on advertising and directing their product to be quick, cheap, and easily accessible to the everyday people, especially in America. Fast food has made a huge impact on the way Americans eat. To many, fast food has become a part of their daily lives. While these food corporations have all their attention on creating large, yummy quantities for cheap they have ignored the problems they have created. Since food corporations have introduced problems that affect people financially, environmentally, and are depriving people of health, even though some may say it costs too much money, balancing our food system; providing healthy, proper nourishment to all nations will help to solve multiple global issues that come with food.
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