Persuasive Essay On Fights Over Homework

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A bright student can get great grades on tests and love to do hands-on, difficult experiments, but even with all of their intelligence, they can still stress over homework assignments. That is because the homework load is so large that it is overwhelming. He never has time to have a healthy life for a child his age and it is a daily balance between grades, friends, and sleep. This is the problem with many students in middle through high-school. Homework is harmful because students can become extremely stressed, lose important development years where they should be learning how to socialize and they can even completely lose their appreciation for learning. First, unjustifiable homework is causing students across America and the whole world overwhelming amounts of stress. Fights over homework are not uncommon and can cause unnecessary tension in healthy families. In a study conducted by The American Journal of Family Therapy, “Studies reflect how much stress excessive homework places on parents… Fights over homework were not uncommon and rose significantly in households where the parents did not have college degrees” (“Point: Homework”). This study shows that the amount and difficulty of homework are directly related to tension in a family. According to a paper written by Reese Everett, “Homework causes stress for families when the student doesn’t want to work on an assignment. Parents may feel pressure to force the child to do the homework, which can cause
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