Essay On Fines For Homeless

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Fines for Homeless
Did you know that over 100 cities in the U.S. have made homeless everyday things illegal? For example, homeless have been being fined for sleeping and living on the streets. In addition homeless are expected to pay these fines in a certain amount of time or they can get into serious trouble and possibly even go to jail. Also when the police start fining the homeless it causes a negative relationship to form and homeless start not trusting the police. Lastly, shelters can be either too full or too dangerous for people, and if living in cars and streets is illegal there is no place for homeless to live.
Fining homeless does not have a positive effect on the community and often homeless end up in jail because of it. If you are homeless it is most likely because you couldn’t afford necessities like food or shelter. By allowing fines to be put on homeless you are setting them up for failure. Also if homeless get sent to jail because of a fine they know have criminal records. Due to the criminal records they will be set back for affordable housing and other benefits. Lastly, homeless who are sent to prison are exposed to
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Homeless are often set up for failure by these things so they end up getting into trouble and in jail by not being able to pay for such unreasonable things. Police are already viewed pretty negatively by the homeless and by doing this it just adds to the negativity. So, homeless become even more less susceptible to come to the police for help. Homeless that fining effects are often put in a position where they have no place to go because shelters are either to fall or too violent and sleeping in your car or the streets is criminalized. To conclude I think this solution to getting homeless off the street is moving in the opposite direction. Since we should be getting homeless on their feet not setting them
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