Persuasive Essay On Firearms

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Firearms is one of America’s most controversial topics, one side argues that guns should be outlawed and only permitted to those in association with the government, while the other side replies that guns should be buyable to law abiding citizens and should not be outlawed. I myself fall on the side that claims why guns should not be outlawed, and why we should be able to possess firearms if we do our duties as a citizen. In the constitution under amendment II, it states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, what this means is that no one should be able to take away our rights to keep and use firearms. But there are still people who think that guns are too dangerous and lead to an excessive amount of casualties, and instead would like to keep guns off the streets.. To that I respond with the phrase that guns don 't kill people, people kill people, what I mean here is that someone has to give the command to the gun for the bullet to come out. If our society wasn’t so corrupt then guns wouldn 't be debated on so much, because we wouldn 't have to worry about a criminal or mentally unstable person shooting an innocent human being.. And some people actually need guns, because they choose to live remotely and still hunt for food, even though this is extremely rare it still transpires. There are also good citizens who just desire to go out with some friends and shoot a couple of ducks. Also people need guns to protect themselves, people who

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